Web Profiting Via Ads

I think after a couple of Nigerians became wealthy via web blogging, a lot of Nigerians started having interest in blogging, and every Nigerian who enters web blogging began to have interest in how to make money via web blogging—no one wants to do this thing for passion or to while away time anymore. This is not a bad thing tho; wanting to get paid for your skills is not a bad thing all. It takes a lot to create contents—literal contents especially. What makes it more difficult is when you have to carry out researches on what you are writing on, then, writing becomes what no one would categorize as a hobby; it becomes what one should get paid for—a job.

It’s agreeable that being a web blogger should mean the author deserves to cash out every once in a while. One of the ways to earning on webs is by allowing adverts on your web (you’d understand what this means if you are a web blogger or you have visited some websites ever). One of the companies and in fact the most popular platform paying web owners for allowing them place ads on their webs is Google AdSense. Many bloggers know everything about AdSense but they are not able to use it to make money. Whereas some bloggers know what it takes to earn on their web with AdSense and they actually explore this opportunity.  Now, how do we make this knowledge and its proper application go round? Let’s start from somewhere.

Firstly, you must know that not only AdSense is the company paying web owners for allowing them place ads on their webs, there are other companies and in fact with easier requirements for qualification, e.g. PropellerAds, Monumetric, RevContent, Adversal, AdThrive, Mediavine, etc. You must also know that every one of these platforms has the genre of blog and size of blog they are best for. If your web has thousands of visitors, you might find AdThrive, RevContent and AdSense best for you. If you are a small number-of-visitors blogger, Monumetric would be best for you. If the contents on your website are just about your own business or activity, you might find Adversal best for you. No matter what ad platform you are using, just make sure it is the best for your kind of blog and your kind of blogger, this way profitability and ease get higher for you.

Secondly, be aware that most of the ad platforms don’t work with some countries, make your researches before contracting with any company so you are sure they pay to your country. You don’t want to have so much money on a particular platform but you are unable to cash it out because the platform is restricted against your country. Make your research and don’t be a victim of this kind of loss. In fact whether or not the company pays to your country is not the only thing you want to research about them before getting on a contract with them, you also want to know whether or not they round up figures when your web clicks are converted to money values. You want to know whether or not they have a floor figure for payment; this would mean whether  or not they have a certain amount of money you must reach every month before you can be paid, and whether they roll the amount you made in a month over to another month if you do not meet up with the floor amount in a month. All these things are corny ways of these ad companies to keep you working for them and not pay you, and not only that, this would make you believe it is your fault that you are not getting paid.  Be smart. I will write more on this topic in my next publication. Please look forward.