Web Profiting Via Ads 2

I want to continue the discussion on web profiting via ads by emphasizing that it is a myth that the only means of getting paid for ads on your web is by dealing with ad companies; I totally disagree with this notion because I have myself been placing paid ads on my webs for over 5 years without having any deal at all with any ad company—although the major reason for this is because I don’t have the thousands clickviews these companies ask for, so  I cut the middlemen, reach out to ad-needing people and businesses directly, cut personal deals with them and place their ads on my webs myself. If you do this direct dealing with ad clients, you might even be earning on your web than you would earn for ads if you dealt with ad companies. It would just mean you would have to be more active in the ad business as part of your web activities. You are the one marketing your own ad business to people and companies or you have a team doing this marketing for you, you are the one doing your price determination yourself, and you can make losses on ad deals if your strategies are bad. It is just really necessary for you to have the will to cut the middlemen and chase your own clients whilst perfecting your modes and strategies every day. The point of this is to advise you to not chase clickviews forever because you are trying to qualify for the requirements of a particular ad company when you can just have deals with ad clients yourself and use your small clickviews you have to impress them and make your own profit directly.

On your web, you can also make profits by dedicating a particular content to a particular individual or company for stating them as the sponsor of the content, only that they have to pay to own this advantage. This is usually done for clients who cannot afford to buy a total ads package and clients who don’t have ad-placement-worthy relationship with you yet; so having them sponsor contents on your web is a very good way of building such relationship. I have done this for a couple of individuals and businesses before and I can say these about it: it’s easier to canvass people to sponsoring one or two contents on your web than getting them to place ads on your web, it is easier to repeatedly get them to sponsor more and more contents than to get them to buy ads packages on your web. Also, I know for sure you can make between 10,000 Naira to 100,000 Naira to have an individual or business sponsor one content on your web—I know this because I have been there. To make a lot of these small profits accumulate, just have a lot of individuals and companies who sponsor contents on your web, and the craziest part is that you can have more than 1 sponsor for one content.  This is a very good means of making profit on your web via web ads. All the best as you try adopting any of the things I have mentioned so far.