The Way to Successful Blogging

Over 11 years of blogging, I now consider myself a little experienced on anything that has to do with blogging. This is me letting you know forehand that whatever I post about blogging must be something I know very well, and this is where I will jump on what I really want to talk about as my advice to the new people entering into the business of blogging. Let’s do this.

First and foremost, to make it in this blogging business, you must know you will have to experiment a lot… a lot! Blogging is like sex, you are doing it with your audience and they are doing it with you too. However, doing it missionary will soon bore them. You just have to be experimental, because there are thousands of success formulas in blogging; some of them would work for you and some of them would fail you seriously and make you lose things. But then, you must know you cannot simply follow the process some guru tells you without being innovative and then everything works for you as it did for the guru; your blogging life is unique, and that can only mean some seemingly straightforward success formulas would probably not work for you, you would have to work on it, experiment and figure out what you have to do differently in order to make it work for you.

Secondly, you will have to have interest in statistical analyses, you need them to tell you what works and what does not work at all. Everything about blogging depends on statistics; people who would like to do blogging business with you would want to trust your statistics first, your click-views are statistical too, the spread of your audience is statistical too, and you need every of these factors mentioned to know where you have gotten to. So if you’re not interested in numbers, you had better learned.

It is very important that you are open to new ideas. You have to be ready to try something new with your blogging. You’d never know what can actually lead to your blogging success until you have tried some things out. For instance, I just woke up one day in 2017 and I decided I was going to participate in some blogging competitions. I hunted for some and I indeed participated in many. I ended up winning the first place in one and was rated well in another. The two of these achievements introduced me to the world. My click-views skyrocketed, and over 80% of the high click-views are from abroad; I hope you know what that means. Another breakthrough I had in 2017 was the one that came from my thought of linking my web to one of the most visited websites in Nigeria— This increased my annual blogging turnout surprisingly. You must know you need to be very inquisitive as a blogger; ask questions a lot—especially from people who are in this business too. Every blogger you talk to has something new you can learn from them. You will always have something lucrative to do with all the new things you are learning—trust me on this.

You need to have a thing you do, and focus on that. Your blog has to be known for something. Don’t do news today and tomorrow you are doing fashion, and next tomorrow you are doing e-counseling. You have to have a niche. Consistency matters absolutely in this business. Don’t forget you are dealing with an audience you want to hold down and keep increasing per time. Building an audience involves given them what they want. By this, I’m not saying bringing in something new to shock your audience is unnecessary. For instance, I’m not a soccer fan, and my loyal readers don’t expect to read anything soccer on my blog, but a star player rolling on the floor like a dog in a world cup could make me write about soccer. That’s exactly what I’m talking about! Your audience are addicted to you, you will make them sick if you don’t serve them, and that could make them want to start thinking of moving on. Believe me mate, fans move on easily and quickly, and in no time they will if you don’t keep them addicted to you.

Though as challenging blogging is, it is fun too, but then, fun could be tiring sometimes you know. So, no matter how you feel about your blogging—challenging or fun, just understand that sometimes you will need a break. So don’t feel like you are out of ideas on what to blog about just because you have stopped blogging for quite a while. Don’t panic mate, if you are a blogger, you are a blogger. Bloggers are never exhausted! But when you need to take a break, get some, and enjoy your break as long as it lasts. Because you are soon to get really hungry for blogging again. I promise you, you will.