The Nigerian ZIP Code

There’s no way it can be wrong if I say only a small percentage of Nigerians ‎aren’t confused about the ZIP code. In fact, it’s like not many Nigerians know any Nigerian ZIP code at all, let alone the correct Nigerian ZIP code. For me, I have only met maybe two or three people who understand the ZIP code thing and also know which one is Nigeria’s and which one is correct, and it’s certainly because they are “yahoo boys” who need the ZIP code a lot. This post was however prompted by a message from my friend who asked me recently for the Nigerian ZIP code, making him the third person to ask me that question in one week. So I see it as a duty to make available some clarifications ‎about the code. If you have any confusion whatsoever concerning the ZIP code, then this post is for you…thank me later.

Firstly, it is necessary you know, if you don’t, that the Zone Improvement Plan codes apply ONLY ‎to the United States; I repeat, only to the United States of America. The US does not regard postal codes from other ‎countries as ZIP codes. ‎Yes, this means there are just postal codes in all other countries not ZIP codes which is peculiar to the United States only. However, ZIP codes in ‎the US are used for the same purposes for which other countries use ‎postal codes…mailing purposes. ‎So, ZIP codes are to the US while postal codes are to other countries…‎including Nigeria. Che that one don clear? Good. ‎

Secondly, note that the USPS (United States Postal Service) has codes ‎for overseas countries which are used when handling deliveries to these countries. These ‎codes are arranged like the ZIP codes used within the US but they are not ZIP codes. In this case, the code ‎for Nigeria is 00176-0000. This means if you have anything doing with the US and they ask for your postal code (some American offices and sites may refer to it as ZIP code if the purpose involves Americans too), this is what to enter 00176-0000 if Nigeria is where you are referencing. But note this, if you have anything doing with any other country and they ask for your postal code, simply put this 110001 or this 23401. Some sites programmed in unavoidable American accents may reject both codes though, in such case, try 00176. At least one of these codes should work.‎

Let me summarize everything, if you are asked for your ZIP code or postal code by an American office or site, this is what you state if it’s Nigeria you are addressing it to 00176-0000. If any other office or site that is not American asks you for your postal code, you state either of these 110001 and 23401. But if these two are rejected by a site, this would mean the web has accent problems (in the case of other countries using American programming languages to develop their sites), it may reject the two of 110001 and 23401, in this case you us this 00176 (just as written, it’s not a mistake), it’d work. Congrats, you are now one of us few who understand the postal and ZIP codes situations.