The Market Value of a Chattered Computer Professional in Nigeria

I have been hustling in the IT industry for almost twenty years now, and I have commercialized my IT skills and also been making a living off of it for about five years now, but I never knew there is a professional body for computer practitioners just as there are for other professions like accountants, health workers, and legal practitioners, and you would have to write series of exams—almost just as ICAN exams are stages—just for you to be able to get the professional certification; I found this out when my IT business go to the phase when I had to fully involve the government in it, and the government agencies were asking for certain documents and certifications I didn’t have. It turned out there is a certain Computer Professionals of Nigeria working as the council for this profession, and they are responsible of conducting series of exams on you which you would have to pass every stage for you to be chartered as a computer professional. Since I got exposed to this institution and the professionalization of the computer practices, I have been waking up every day more curious about how the body and its certification can help the average computer practitioner get better recognition or/and get better pay and easier of employment tendencies.

Apart from the fact that after finishing your computer professional examinations starting from CFE1 or CPE1 (according to the stage of the exams that fits your entry qualification) to the level of CPE3 (where you become chartered), you are now holding a Diploma worthy of getting you a job on one of the Nigerian government’s employment levels. You can also use the Diploma as a qualification for a direct entry programme in a university—especially to study a Computer Science related course if that is not your field before getting the CPE certification (oh, that reminds me, you don’t have to have a Computer Science entry qualification to write the CPE, you would only have to start your stages from the foundation—the CFE1). I’m also aware that you may use this CPE qualification to get a job at any tech company needing your skill. You can also use this document abroad—either for academics or for employment purposes (you can evaluate it and use it as part of your emigration document). So if you have some type of skill in any field of tech, and you have been running it on the level of “I’m just running it and making some money” just because you are that good, or maybe you are not even that good, I would advise you to consider the Computer Professionals Examinations (CPE) now that it is still very cheap, because I know very well this would add more value to you home and abroad—it’s more like and accountant getting chartered and how it adds more value to them in the field. The CPE comes in two diets per year, and the registration for the first diet of 2022 is still going on, I’d advise you to register now on or study more about CPN on  and begin your journey to being a computer professional too; IT business would surely make better sense to you after this.