The Better Yahoo

Just because they are always seeing me working on a computer almost every hour of every day, yearly, I get a lot of fresh graduates coming to me asking me to teach them “Yahoo” (online scamming)—that’s how hopeless it is to be a fresh graduate in Nigeria; the average fresh graduates in Nigeria spends their first few months after school not knowing what they want to do. For the records, I am what a lot of people would call a “computer guy”, and that’s what I have always been; everything I do for work, for academics, for leisure are all on the computer, so I have to be on a computer most hours of every day. I am not into “Yahoo” and I don’t teach it—even though I know too well everything it entails. The Nigerian youths need help, they need directions, and our schools are supposed to be where the helping and the directing start from, but now that the schools are failing in these, sociologically, it becomes expectable that the youths would try to make their own path with the vices, and vices are contagious. This is why the average Nigerian youth would graduate from school and one of the first things that would come to mind to do would be “Yahoo”.

However, I believe that anyone youth who is smart enough to make some online stranger trust them so much that they give money, materials, assets and even their life savings willingly (what is known as “Yahoo”), such youth is capable of being an inventor, an entrepreneur, a leader—should they tap into their smartness and use it positively. In fact, for this kind of person, the tech industry is definitely a space for them to flourish so well if they put even half the energy and resources they put into scamming people into developing things and inventing things. A person who puts lots of sleepless nights, lots of planning, strategies and patience into scamming people is capable of being the owner of a big company—a tech company especially. Tech is a better “Yahoo” for any Nigerian youth who is capable of making it in the usual scamming “Yahoo”; we all have to know this.