Proxy Tech Fields you don’t Need to Learn Coding for

It is undeniable that we are in the dispensation when there is no skill you have in tech that is not lucrative. Although a lot of people know a lot of things in tech, but not many people have the ability to commercialize their tech skills. I want to assure you today that no matter how “small” your tech skill is, you can definitely commercialize it; I should make a blog on commercializing your tech skill someday soon, to enlighten people who have some tech skills but don’t know how to sell them. But on this one write-up, I just want to talk about the fields in tech you do not have to learn coding to be able to make money in; because I am aware coding is the part that freaks people out the most when it comes to tech.

The first field of tech I want to talk about is one of the fields that are not popularly referred to as a field in tech—the blogging field. I am aware of the public mistake of not referring to this field as a field in tech—which is a very bad mistake, and I am also aware of the fact that this field is one of the most lucrative field in tech, and you do not need to know coding before being a lucrative blogger. There are people who do blogging as full time job, and they are really making their living via that. Have no problem talking to a blogging expert today, so they can guide you through the things you need to do rightly before you can start making a living via blogging.

Another field of tech that is not referred to as a field in tech or suspected as a very lucrative field in tech is the area of vlogging. In this dispensation when people are really moving from TV love to phone love, this increases the consumption of motion media. This explains why TikTok and YouTube are making people celebrities overnight; one video you create can make you a money-making star in one day! In fact, contrary to what the so called “know-how” people advise, you don’t even have to have a niche before you would blow being a vlogger and you would start making your good income from tech without even knowing any code.

Still graphics design is another field in tech you do not need coding for you to be able to do and make money from.  To the layman, graphics design is just about designing banners and editing photos, but graphics design is way beyond that; graphics design has so many departments that you can choose one or two from and be a specialist on. You would make good money being a specialist in the department of graphics design you have chosen. You do not need to learn coding for this, just pick the software best for you and really know it.

Motion graphics design (a.k.a video editing) is another field of tech currently going from exclusive to professionals to becoming what anyone with a phone can do, and I assure you of this, the market for motion graphics is still enjoying its boom. The better you get at motion graphics design, the higher your chances of making money with it, and the better the income you are already making with it gets. Businesses, organisations, and individuals now need experts in this field because they know people pay better attention and acts more on messages relayed to them via motion graphics. So if you are a video editor at this time and you are still not making money with it, that’s bad of you. Wake up!