Nairaland Marketing

This is a fact: in Nigeria, is currently the second most visited Nigerian website (Nigerian websites being the likes of,,, etc.), and bringing all the websites in the world, and rating how they are visited in Nigeria, Nairaland would still have a place to stay between 1 to 10 of the most visited website. This is not all, it can also be opined that most of the people who visit Nairaland are people who are looking for something; they know what they are looking for but they don’t know how or/and where to get it, and they are looking for a pointer for this online. Here is where it gets even more interesting: when you need something or you need to know something about something, and you search for your keywords on Google or any other search engine, a link to a page on Nairaland must be one of the first 5 links the search engine would show to you. All these make Nairaland the best place for anyone in any business to market their products and services. But are Nigerians taking advantage of the features of Nairaland enough? No!

Despite the fact that Nairaland is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria, despite the fact that most of the people who visit the website are people who already know what they are looking for, and they trust it when they search for how and where they could get what they need and Google suggests a page on Nairaland to them, despite the fact that a link to a page on Nairaland is always one of the top five links Google would show to anyone who asks how and where to get a thing on Google, yet business people still can’t see that these already give them a very wide window to market their products and services on the website. Most online vendors believe in the social media sponsored post; of course they are very good too, but if you get to think about it, no matter how you structure your adverts on a sponsored post, you still cannot perfectly streamline the target to the people who need your products and services and are indeed ready to patronize. You may get a lot of reactions on a sponsored post, you may even get a lot of people who would follow you because of your sponsored post, and people who would go to your landing page or even subscribe to your email list, but you can barely have these people actually buying what you sell. They might because of the sponsored post and the fact that they have connected with you get to have you in mind against when they would be needing your product or service, or when they have the money to be able to patronize you, but these advantages are very tiny compared to what marketing your service and product on Nairaland can do for you… I know this.

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