Monetizing Your Social Media Presence: My Personal Experience

Being a writer since the senior secondary school, it never occurred to me it would be a source of income soon and also lead me to more sources of income until I finally gained admission into Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) after losing four consecutive admissions to lack of information and misinformation; I didn’t realize these are the reasons why I was always losing the admissions I deserved so much until I finally got admitted. Finally entering OAU as a student after perambulating around the campus for 3 years as a non-bonafide student. I looked around the campus and the system, and I realized the reason why I’ve always been misinformed is because OAU as an institution has no good information system. Imagine this, till the day of publishing this blog, OAU as an institution is yet to have a verified account on any of the social platforms; in fact they only recently created accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Badly enough, most of the younger and smaller schools in Nigeria are verified on social media. On social media is not the only platform OAU is lagging behind, OAU has a radio station called Great FM, not to mock my alma mater, but the radio station cannot even perform the function of a community radio it was founded for. Great FM is the worst community radio around! The backlash on OAU’s system of information does not end there. Imagine this, even the website that’s supposed to be the most dependable means of passing information around is not even performing any good function of the website of an institution as big and old as OAU. The information on the website is most of the times stale and almost irrelevant.

As a 25-year old freshman with the entrepreneurial mind, I saw the problem of bad information system in OAU and I thought of finding solution to it in my own little way, so I started blogging with a rickety BlackBerry Curve 2—the phone must go hot like every five minutes, and I must force restart it every time it hangs because of the hotness. I wasn’t doing the blogging for any monetary gain, I was only doing it for the love of writing and the interest in solving a problem. It only took but a very short while before everyone on OAU Campus knew my social media pages and web for first-hand and dependable OAU-related news and information, then trust came in, then tasks started coming in, then the money started coming in from taking up tasks for people. This marks my way to upgrading from just providing OAU-based information to the extended blogging and other creative and infotech businesses. I was making the petty money from blogging, but I took blogging more seriously when I made my first tangible blogging money (80,000 Naira) from the website in just about 15 minutes after receiving an international call from a strange person (a Nigerian abroad) who had read some entrepreneurship write-ups on my web and wanted to hear my opinion on a new business he was about starting. I made him see new things about the business, he asked for my account details, and an alert of 80,000 Naira entered. From that moment on, my interest in commercializing my online activities went crazy.

Before graduating from the first degree, the website I owned had won a lot of campus awards; I later handed the business to one of my team members who was diligent about what we do too so I could move higher to bigger tasks. But before I stopped heading the campus news website, it has caused a lot of changes in my personal life and how I now take almost everything I do online as a business. Now, OAU has dozens of private bloggers doing what the school should be doing, and I am sure many have similar breakthrough story as I do. Many people that I knew in school did little things like this to end up having bigger things come out of little things. This is why I am challenging you to get orientations on the lucrative use of the social media. Believe me, money can be made on any of the social platforms; I say this because I know for sure. You don’t even have to be a creator—though it’s a plus if you are,  neither must you have a computer to make income from online—though it’s a plus if you do, but any smartphone is enough to switch your activities on the internet from mere socializing to money making. It wouldn’t even disturb your academics, job or other business(es) in anyway. All you need is just that desire to make more money and the readiness to give what it requires—wanting to help people out comes first before anything at all.