How Yahoo Kills Yahoomail and Other Yahoo Products

Every tech product has its own time to be the hegemon in the market of the same products as itself, and they all have when another product take over from them; TikTok is taking over Instagram, Whatsapp took over 2go, Yahoomail sent Hotmail away, and Gmail is taking Yahoomail down too… it is what it is. But often, this take over happens because the hegemon company enjoys so much attention that they got too slow to reinvent, and a new company did that before them and took over the hegemony from them; 2go was offering everything an instant chat app should be able to offer, but they never saw that Whatsapp would come and see to it that it would be by phone number and not by username, and also that the separation the classes of phones cause would come to play that people who are able to have Whatsapp would feel better than people who have 2go but cannot have Whatsapp. Also, Instagram gave everything, but TikTok gave more; they make their users feel famous, they make their users feel like they can earn some money for catching public attention. Hence, the reason why the internet people diverted to the new products.

Although Yahoomail has been losing its relevance to Gmail for some years now, but looking at how it is going now, it’s seeming as if Yahoomail just want to focus on the people who already have an email account with them and not allow new people get an account. I say this because I have observed how Yahoomail makes it really difficult for people to open a new account on Yahoomail, while Gmail makes it so easy that you can have an account within 1 minute; not only that, whether you have a Gmail account or not doesn’t determine how you get to use the rest of their products, so long you have a Facebook account, you can access most of the Google products. This makes it easier for people to create and sustain their Gmail account. This explains why most humans are now Gmail users and only the people who have been using Yahoomail from before still have an account with them. Plus, if you do not have a Yahoomail, you cannot use other Yahoo products. So this is like Yahoomail not allowing new people get an account, and Yahoo attaching the access to their products strictly to having a Yahoo account. This is never good for growth.

You can only have one or two phone numbers in so many countries, and Yahoomail makes sure it is one phone number to one Yahoomail account. This means if I had used my phone number to create a Yahoomail account in 2000 and I can’t access the email again in 2021, it would mean I cannot use same phone number to create another Yahoomail account. Meanwhile, it should be noted that humans have higher tendencies of losing their emails than their phone numbers. There should be a way for a person to be able to remove their phone number for an account they have used it for before, so that should they now have access to the email again, they would be able to create another account with the number they have.