How Best Can you Get your Website Up on the Search Engine Results?

When you talk about topics like this with people, the first thing that comes to mind is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It’s SEO here and there every time you talk about click-views and range with website people, but it seems to me no one talks about the deep things about SEO, they just talk about SEO and peg it there. Whereas, as much as I know, there are things inside of SEO that are the real thing that actually help you optimize the search engines. Let me discuss them fast.

Have you ever gotten to think about the fact that some websites are originally searched for? I mean, people just enter whatever search engine they use ( for instance) and type something and add a website to it. For instance, if I want to know something about IELTS, as a Nigerian, I may like to type “IELTS Nairaland” in the search engine so that whatever the results would be it would be mostly related to Nairaland; trust me, most Nigerians do this when they want to make an inquiry about something. Now, how about you anchor your website with such platforms that people attach their inquiries with? I have tried this before and believe me, my click-views went up from hundreds to thousands. Just find the websites that are already big in the field of what you are using your website for, and anchor your website with theirs, it’d pay off. But you need to be careful as you do this so you wouldn’t be making your prospects think you are second to the best, this could divert many prospects away from you.

If you want the international reach and click-views, Twitter is another place you can introduce your website to. You need to know the trending matters on the worldwide trend table, attach your links to these trending topics and have lots of people from different parts of the world visiting your website and subscribing to your email list. This works a lot. My first money I made on the internet was from UK, and the person just from nowhere called me one night to talk to me about their online business they were trying to establish, and in just about 20 minutes of consultation, I made 80,000 Naira. This person only saw my website on Twitter and got my phone number from the website, we are still business relatives till this day. So take advantage of Twitter; it works.

Adding key words to your web contents works wonders too. This is the most underused means of getting click-views, but to me, it has to be the most effective. Let me tell you how it gets to be the most effective; when people search for something on the search websites, the search websites work with key words. No matter how long what they type in the search engine is, the key words in it is what the search web will use to provide the results. So when you want to publish any media on your website, firstly search for relevant words to the media on some search websites, use the common words in all the results the search website provides as your key words, and also do some extra job; use the uncommon words too, i.e. most people would search for “sites to download free books”, some people would search for “webs to download free books” and a few would search for “websites to download free books”. In this case “sites” and “webs” would be the common thing in the results the search engine would bring up, but if you go ahead and add another key word like websites to your own key words, you have won a few more people who would search for “websites to download free books”. Try these and you will have something good to talk about your click-views the next time you check how wide you’re getting.