Getting Phished

Before I experienced being hacked, I never tried to think that people who get hacked aren’t stupid, getting hacked one time made me realize how difficult it can be for you to avoid being hacked—especially when you are a curious person or a person opened to new people, new information and new activities. I have …

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Web Profiting Via Ads

I think after a couple of Nigerians became wealthy via web blogging, a lot of Nigerians started having interest in blogging, and every Nigerian who enters web blogging began to have interest in how to make money via web blogging—no one wants to do this thing for passion or to while away time anymore. This …

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The Better Yahoo

Just because they are always seeing me working on a computer almost every hour of every day, yearly, I get a lot of fresh graduates coming to me asking me to teach them “Yahoo” (online scamming)—that’s how hopeless it is to be a fresh graduate in Nigeria; the average fresh graduates in Nigeria spends their …

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