Call Waiting

It sounds funny when folks are receiving a call and another call comes in for them on wait, then when they are done receiving the active call they start begging the person on the active call to “cut” the call for them because they don’t want to end the call on their side so they wouldn’t be rejecting the call on wait too. I have tried to educate as many people as I could on this but there are still too many people who seem to not understand that when you are on a call and you have another call waiting ending an active call does not end the call that’s on wait, it only brings it to activeness; as soon as the initial call is ended, the call on wait begins to ring out just like any other call (if your ringing setting is for that). When the call on wait begins to ring out, you can answer it just like any other call. So be educated and educate somebody too that “cutting” an active call while you have a call waiting does not reject the call on wait, it only activates it for you to answer it or reject it.