Badass Tools that Would Help your Content Creation Game Get Better

As the world is currently experiencing the craziest burst of the need for information, and the big effects this has on the new media after making it a trillion-Dollar industry; we all can see how more careers are beginning to exist in the new media and in the infotech industries, and how more people are beginning to pick a career path to journey in these industries. If you have been in any of these industries before the sudden burst or you joined because of the burst, it wouldn’t matter; it’s not about who has been doing this thing before and who just started, it’s about the content. You may have been on the internet creating contents since the ancient times, and somebody might get on the internet in one week or start creating contents in one week and impact the world better and wider than you; the key to this is content. Your person and funds as well have parts in what would make you blow on the internet so fast, but content is the core. This is why the struggle to create quality contents is a big deal for content creators; the quality of your contents has so big effects on how far you would go as a content creator. To help you up your content creation game, I have taken my time to make a list of some apps that would make your content creation get better.


Although this app is a very basic one in the field of content creation, but it is a very effective tool should it ever be that you are running out of ideas on your niche. This tool is topic generator that gives you ideas for topics on your niche that you can create contents about. You might think you don’t need this, but any other content creator who knows this thing well would know that sometimes, a creative person goes blank or runs out of catchy ideas, and they need inspiration from something or somebody to get back creating.


Just like Hubspot, ContentIdeator is a pretty simple-to-use tool you can use to generate content ideas by just typing in some keywords from your niche; ContentIdeator would give you some suggestions for topics. Although this too works like Hubspot, but it does more by giving you some additional ideas on what exactly to create and the points to include in your content and expatiate on.


This tool is a headline analyzer, it’s really useful for bloggers and motion media creators who use platforms like YouTube where you would have the chance to create a little headline for your content to fit what would catch the attention of anyone who comes across your content and have them wanting to check your content out. To use this tool, you need an idea for your headline first, the tool would then analyze your headline based on some facts, like the kind of words used and the usage of basic phrases that are known to get more attention. With this tool, your headlines become catchier and they bring more attention to your content.


Contrary to what many content creators do, the best online contents are often the ones that are the easiest to read, they have a clear structure, and they use simple sentences. Because there are people who would want to deploy all their complex words, phrases and sentences all at once in one content, HemmingwayApp helps identify the parts of your content which are hard to understand and tells you how to make them easier to comprehend.


Grammaly is a very popular app, you would have heard of it before, but for the chances that you have not, I would state that just as the HemmingwayApp,  Grammarly helps you identify the sentences you have used that are unnecessarily complicated. It also corrects grammars and spellings. It also provides you with suggestions for words you already used too many times. Dope features, right?


Images and graphics can add value to a piece of written content. To make your content more shareable on Social Media you need beautiful images in the right dimensions. Canva is an easy-to-use tool for creating beautiful images to describe and solidify your content. The new version of Canva even allows you to resize magically an image you may have created for one social network to the dimensions needed for another; I discovered this feature when I needed to fit the banner I have used for my Twitter page into my Facebook page and my YouTube—bear in mind these platforms require different sizes that may affect the content of your image if you are not cunning with how you resize the image. Canva makes this resizing easier, you just have to insert the size the platform where you need the image requires and Canva would resize the image for you with the contents of your image remaining as they were. This app is cool too; try them, you would have something good to think about reading this write-up.