How to Get SSL Certificate for Free

As a web owner, one of the problems you would hate that your web has is SSL issue; for your web to be tagged “not secure”. This would definitely affect your number of visitors, as most visitors would not wait to read and understand the report their browser shows when they try to visit your unsecure web, they would just click on “Back to Safety” or close the tab believing your site is not reachable. Meanwhile there is a tiny part of the error message that says “Advanced” under which after clicking you would see the link that would take you to the website anyways despite the insecurity. Imagine your number of visitors dropping drastically just because your visitors’ browsers try to make sure their users don’t visit websites that are unsecure, and the reason for such insecurity is expired or invalid SSL certificate. A lot of people do not know how to get their SSL certificate, and I hope this write-up would educate anyone who could be in this group.

How do you get your SSL certificate? Let’s do this in steps:


STEP TWO: Create an account (sign up) on

STEP THREE: Check the top right side of your dashboard and click on “add website”.

STEP FOUR: Input your website in the provided box in this structure, not in this structure

STEP FOUR: On the middle left side of the dashboard, find SSL and click on the drop down function.

STEP FIVE: Click on “change your nameserver” and a new nameserver you should use on your domain server would be shown to you. Copy it.

STEP SIX: Now go to your domain server’s website (the company hosting your website), and log on to your hosting account.


STEP EIGHT: Scroll to nameservers, click on change, click on custom, and put the one shown to you on your cloudware dashboard; the one you copied at STEP FIVE above.

STEP NINE: Go to you plugins and install the cloudfare plugins.

STEP TEN. Go to cloudfare and enable SSL.

STEP ELEVEN: Visit your website again, and voila! No more safety messages. You are welcome.