Primer Media and Infotech

We develop websites, phone apps and computer software for business, organizational and industrial management. We also provide maintenance services for these products.

Our Services

Computer Software Development

We develop computer software for staff, customers and inventory management; hospitals, eateries, banks, and schools can use our services in developing customized invoice-issuing software for them, as well as stock-recording software, payroll software and so on.

Phone Application Development

To solve social problems and help businesses and associations dispense their services and information better, faster and easily to their targets, we develop mobile phone apps to suite the required needs, and we also help in converting existing websites to apps.

Website Development

If you are interested in taking your business, your person, your association or your cause to the level of having a beautiful and functional website, we are here to give you the best of web services.

Digital Marketing

Our team of social media influencers across Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook and WhatsApp are capable of making you, your product, your company, your art and your cause trend or go viral—depending on how you want it.

Sale of Hardware

Whatever your gadgets and accesory needs are, ranging from video games, smart watches, photography and videography equipment, laptops and desktops and their hardware, we give the best deal in our sales, and our courier to your doorstep is swift.


We offer classes to tech enthusiasts who are interested in programmes like: Video Editing, Graphics Design, Digital Marketing and Web Design.

Tech Blog

Read our blogs on tech news, tech people, tech companies, and tech products.

A Strategy for Growing a Fintech Startup (5)

A Strategy for Growing a Fintech Startup (5)

The factors discussed below are stretches of what has been discussed in the effort to answer the five questions earlier...

by PrimerinfotechAugust 4, 2022
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A Strategy for Growing a Fintech Start-Up (4)

A Strategy for Growing a Fintech Start-Up (4)

For any start-up entering an existing market, there are two of several other things it must have to make it...

by PrimerinfotechJuly 29, 2022
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A Strategy for Growing a Fintech Start-Up (3)

A Strategy for Growing a Fintech Start-Up (3)

It is important to notice that the strongest source of patronage for any business in any industry is referral; people...

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